A New Chapter

I'm turning the page from startup founder to employee. I'll be joining On Deck to help build and grow the learning communities of the future.

A New Chapter

I’m turning the page on my startup journey, from founder to employee.

Over the last five years, I’ve spent my time focused on building startups, communities, and writing about my learnings. I’ve always had an all-in mindset around my work. Whatever I commit myself to I see to it that it receives every ounce of my ability, creativity, and passion, no matter the outcome.

I was ready to change the world

Back when we launched our first startup, my mindset was like so many other young entrepreneurs: I wanted to change the world. Specifically, I wanted to change the way people connected.

The networking status quo was broken. It had become a mixture of attention-grabbing social networks, low-value and high-priced events, and entrepreneurial ecosystems playing gatekeeper, creating significant difficulty for entrepreneurs "between the coasts."

The startup, Mintor, was the tool we built to battle those barriers and give all entrepreneurs a better way to connect. Oh, it sounded so good...

Even though we ultimately failed, I got exactly what I was looking for - a grocery list of experiences in building startups, a supportive community, and the discovery of my relentless passion to build connections and opportunities for others.

Taking my learnings with me

I wasn’t let down my startup journey, the opposite actually.

I feel empowered and better equipped to identify problems, share ideas, launch products, build communities, and so much more because of my startup experience. My ethos has completely changed. I learned what my value was, what I could give to others, and developed new skills that will shape my future.

I will forever be an entrepreneur, but it’s time for me to shift what that looks like.

That shift starts with an opportunity from a startup I've been following for the better part of the last year. I'm happy to announce I'll be joining On Deck to help build and grow the learning communities of the future. There is so much to cover about On Deck, why I joined, and what I hope to accomplish there (maybe that will be its own essay).

Cheers to the next chapter

This moment is one of significance for me and I felt compelled to share it. The driving force of my success has been and will continue to be my community. I wouldn't be where I am today without their help. If you're reading this, you know who you are!

I can't wait to start this new chapter of my life and I look forward to sharing more with you along the way :)

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