About Me

What I'm Working On

  • I’m preparing to launch The Operators Guild, a bi-weekly newsletter to help the operators, whether you’re a founder, manager, or individual contributor, level up! Get it straight to your inbox.
  • I work as a Program Associate with On Deck for the GTM and Operations programs. I lead fellow engagement initiatives to drive engagement, reach targeted community outcomes, and support the fellow experience.
  • I run a local Startup Grind chapter in Baton Rouge, LA with Joshua Anderson where we hold monthly fireside chats with founders.
  • Published my first book, Who We Know: The Power of Physical & Digital Networks in Our Lives, to help entrepreneurs and professionals understand how networks impact their outcomes, how to change it, and the value they bring to others.
  • I've managed to excel by using the frameworks, templates, and guides of so many others on the internet. When I build something that can be duplicated, I share it as a template.
  • Helping founders who feel stagnant, lack the bandwidth to execute ideas, or need assistance connecting the dots. Let's chat!

What I Believe

  • Give-First: Giving has come alive in the entrepreneur world. It is a shift from withholding the "secrets" for ourselves to sharing knowledge that can help power the growth of us all. The collective success of this entrepreneur age will be determined by how much we helped those next to us, above us, and below us.
  • Work is the Secret: I'm a huge believer in work-life balance, however, it's foolish to think that we don't have to work in other aspects of our lives. Whether it be a personal relationship, friendship, physical or mental health, or walking our dog, a certain level of effort, focus, and yes, work, is required.
  • Entrepreneurship Drives Progress: Entrepreneurship is more than a business opportunity or way to make money, it’s a form of expression. It allows us to be truly creative in solving the problems of the world today, ones affecting us personally, or for a specific group of people. It will be entrepreneurs who reshape our country, not corporations, philanthropists, or political parties.

The Other Stuff

  • I love the game of tennis. When I was a senior in high school I convinced my parents to let me get homeschooled to focus on training. My dream was to play college tennis and I was grateful to receive a few offers from D2/D3 schools, but burnout is real. I still play to this day though not competitively.
  • Tech is wildly interesting to me. I will often share my learnings, views, and important news in the space on Twitter. Please follow me if that sounds remotely interesting to you.
  • All things New Orleans sports with my wife and friends!

Get In Touch

  • Twitter is best for anything short and sweet. Please tweet @kasrakhalili and I'll respond when I can. I discourage DM's as it's hard to filter out spam/phishing.
  • Email me with anything that requires more detail (or you don't want to send a public tweet) to kasra@hey.com. I typically reply to all emails within a couple of days.

Places around the web you'll find me: